Rehydration Info

The following methods are merely suggestions for rehydration. All information given is believed to be accurate and reliable. It is given without guarantee, warranty, or responsibility of any kind.


1/4 cup powdered Tide & 1 oz Lysol (concentrate in brown bottle) per gallon warm of water.

Apply solution with a sponge to the flesh side of the hide. Then place a damp towel over the hide and cover with plastic. Rehydration time depends on the size of the skin. For example, a skin the size of a fox or raccoon may take 15 minutes, a whitetail cape may take 6 hours while a moose cape may take as long as 12 hours. If the skin is not mounted immediately following rehydration, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Otherwise, it should be stored in a freezer.


Solution A - 8 oz of common salt per gallon of room temperature water.

This is the most common method for soaking deer capes, antelope or any similar cape.

Solution B - 8 oz common salt, 1 oz lactic acid or 4 oz vinegar per gallon of room temperature water.

This solution is used for quick penetration for elk, caribou, mouse ect.

Solution C - 8 oz common salt, 2 oz borax, 1 oz Lysol Concentrate per gallon of room temperature water. 

This solution is used when you need to soak skins for an extended period of time.

Adequate soak time is usually 1-2 hours, but you should check frequently. When ready, remove skin and allow to drain. However, you want to leave it fairly damp for the sweating process. Put skin in a plastic bag and sweat overnight, in or out of the refrigerator. After sweating overnight, if available, spin in washing machine to remove excess water.